Arrimadas y Picazo (CS) proponen reducir impuestos y “regenerar” instituciones: “Sin rastro de corrupción”

Inés Arrimadas, President of Ciudadanos in the Spanish Congress of Deputies, has expressed her support for the candidate of her political party in Castilla-La Mancha and the mayoralty of Albacete, Carmen Picazo. They both aim to lower taxes and “regenerate” institutions. The politicians have advocated reducing taxes and fees, attracting investment, and working towards a “democratic regeneration” of public administrations.

Arrimadas has asserted that “the Albacete City Council cannot be under the shadow of suspicion and corruption”, referring to recent reports of alleged administrative wrongdoing in the hirings made by the Emilio Sáez administration for the arrival of the 2021 Vuelta Ciclista. In this sense, she has emphasized Ciudadanos’ non-negotiable “red lines” when it comes to political alliances.

“Local people will have the final say on who we work with, both in the City Council and the Regional Government. Nevertheless, regeneration is a non-negotiable red line for us. We will not allow the Albacete City Council to be anyone’s fiefdom, nor a job centre for politically-connected individuals. We want it to function like clockwork, and if Ciudadanos decides, “no one on the Albacete government will be under suspicion”, she said.

On the same note, the President of the party in the Congress has called on citizens to vote, particularly on the undecided ones. “If these undecided voters, those who know that CS is an indispensable party and view us favourably, go out to vote, CS could govern Albacete and several other places. Thus, mobilization is the key. I appreciate that it is a lot to ask, but I plead with you to vote on Sunday and secure a better future for the next four years.”

Speaking about the recent electoral polls, Arrimadas stated that there are “all sorts” of them. Moreover, she accused the PP and the PSOE of being accustomed to influencing people’s voting choices. As for the allegations of vote-buying, she has reiterated that her party is not involved in such actions.

For her part, Picazo has thanked Arrimadas for her attendance in the city and has called for “regeneration and cleanliness” in the institutions. “I announce that when Ciudadanos takes office in Albacete City Council, we will prioritize democratic regeneration. We will not tolerate any government under the suspicion of corruption,” the candidate said to conclude.

La entrada Arrimadas y Picazo (CS) proponen reducir impuestos y “regenerar” instituciones: “Sin rastro de corrupción” se publicó primero en Diario de Castilla-la Mancha.

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