Podcast “Por si mañana”, periodistas conversando para arrojar luz a los desafíos del oficio, es estrenado por Jesús Espada.

Jesús Espada, an esteemed journalist with CMMedia, has launched his own personal project on the CMMPlay platform. Taking advantage of the public broadcaster’s focus on the podcast format, he has launched a program called ‘Por si mañana’ (In case of tomorrow), where he will engage in conversations with national journalists to provide answers to the uncertainties that the profession faces. The podcast takes its name from the title of the letter that Espada wrote to win the first prize in the love letter contest in Cobisa (Toledo), which reflects the message of an Alzheimer’s patient to his beloved.

In an interview with Europa Press, Espada explained that his idea was to create a conversational program that two journalists could have over a coffee. This idea emerged from a talk he gave at a Journalism faculty, where he noticed a lot of anxiety around the profession. In the current “revolution” of the industry, Espada believes that journalists need to define what is quality information and prevent misinformation from spreading. This is particularly important now that many people get their news from social media.

To achieve this goal, Espada will invite accomplished journalists who have proven their ability to connect with the public. The guests he has had on the podcast so far have all acknowledged the delicate moment that the industry is in and the need to create good content. From his conversations with these journalists, Espada sees both optimism and uncertainty. While there are many journalists who contribute to the spread of misinformation, he believes that the role of the journalist is more important than ever in providing reliable information.

Pedro Piqueras, an Albacete journalist, will be serving as the patron of the podcast. Espada plans to share his thoughts and reflections on journalism with around thirty guests whose work extends beyond the region.

CMMedia’s radio director, Óscar García, has lauded the platform as the first of its kind in the region that produces content directly in Castilla-La Mancha. Several new original and debut podcasts, including Espada’s, will be added to other CMMedia productions like ‘El Dragón Invisible,’ ‘Estamos de cine,’ ‘Solidarios,’ and ‘Investiga que no es poco.’ With plans to add new themes like Artificial Intelligence, the platform is set to grow in the short term.

Isaías Blázquez, the director of digital content at CMMedia, has also highlighted the strategy behind the creation of PlayPodcast, which includes both regular radio content and new programs like Espada’s. Half a million people currently access the platform every month, and the new podcast format promises to provide an exciting listening experience for audiences.

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